2014 in pictures

Originally for this post I was going to pick a favorite photo of each month. That didn’t work out so well. After looking through my photos I discovered I hadn’t really taken very many quality photos this year. Yes sad, but true. SO, although I don’t have a whole lot to show, here are my favorite pictures I’ve taken during 2014:

Hopefully in 2015 I’ll do more photography than I did this year. Also during this coming year I hope to do some more video as well as photography. I guess you could call that one of my “new year’s resolutions.”

Hope you all have a happy new year!


Devil’s Lake

I went to Devil’s Lake (I really don’t get why it’s called that) a few months ago but never got around to posting some of the pictures I took there, so here are two of them. I like the first one a lot, but the second I think is just so so. IMG_0699IMG_0741

Snow Wars

Since it’s winter I decided to make a quick little scene involving snow, well not real snow, just flower.


I hope to take some photos of the AT-AT soon…

Oh by the way “HAPPY SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!” I’m not a huge fan of either of the teams, but the Ravens beat the Patriots, SO I guess I’m rooting for the 49er’s. I suppose I have to say it then… “GO 49er’s!


To start the Christmas season off I decided to make a snowman, and add it to my new series of builds that I called midgies.


After I took the photo, (I took it at my grandparents house) got home, and uploaded it to my computer, I discovered that the snowman wasn’t in focus. DARN.

And here’s a different photo that’s a little closer up, and that’s in focus.